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The cello is a truly awe inspiring instrument. It has the most similar range and qualities to the human voice. Throughout history, the cello has primarily been heard in classical music, however, today you will find the cello widely used in folk, popular, jazz, rock, and even hip-hop. It’s becoming an extremely popular instrument as it has the gift to sing melodies, play chords, and even pizz. bass lines. It’s a truly versatile instrument with a very large tonal capacity and range.

With the rise in popularity of the cello, there are more options when purchasing a cello. You will find your traditional acoustic cello at any orchestral music shop, however, you will now find electric cellos that are solid body and are not prone to any feedback at stores like Musicians Friend and Guitar Center. There are also five string cellos that extend one note shy of the lowest note on bass.

It is no wonder why the cello is becoming more and more of a popular instrument. Its sound is luring and captivating. One of the most talented and widely know classical cellists to display the instruments shear beauty and perfection is Yo-Yo Ma. He has even taken the cello outside of the classical world and collaborated in jazz and traditional folk music exemplifying the diversity of this great instrument.

Frequently Asked Questions:

1. Am I too old to start taking cello lessons?

It is never too late to get enjoyment out of playing an instrument!

2. How old does my child have to be before she starts taking cello lessons?

Some students get started taking cello lessons as early as fiver years of age. Seven is a great age to start taking lessons.

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