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About The Violin

The violin has been one the most important instrument in classical music since the Baroque period. The violin is a lead instrument. Much like the voice, it plays the role of the lead melody. Since the 1920’s the violin became more popularly used in jazz. It’s been improvised on by some of the greatest hands like Stephane Grappelli. The violin also became popular in Motown, Rock and Roll, as well as with the “Crooners”. We can currently hear the violin being used in such popular music by Sigur Ros and Broken Social Scene. As a result to the diversity of the instrument, many electric violins are produced and sold at most major music stores.

The viola is a bit larger than the violin and usually plays the inner harmony notes. As the violin usually plays the lead melody, the viola is supports the lead. It has a darker and more mellow tone than the violin. It’s not as popularly used in pop, rock and jazz, but you will find examples in folk music do to it’s mellow nature.


1.Is my child too young to begin Violin or Viola lessons?

Like the piano, violin is an instrument that can be started at an relatively early age (as opposed to the Bassoon or Guitar!) We have teachers that specialize in teaching students as young as 3. Prior to that age, we suggest taking one of the many group toddler classes in the city. There are half and quarter size violins that can be purchased (see purchasing an instrument below). When  you register for classes, we will connect you with a teacher that specializes in the appropriate age.

2.Am I too old to start taking Violin or Viola lessons?

It is never too late to begin an instrument or go back to one that you haven’t played in many years. Adults actually learn music much faster than children. The only thing that is needed is a small amount of time to practice and a bit of discipline (two things that can be hard to come by!).

3.Do you rent Violins? Do I need one before I start lessons?

We do not rent or sale Violins. However, your matched teacher can assist you with buying or renting a Violin within your price range and discuss the correct size if this is for a child. If you do not have an instrument yet, it is best to register for lessons, then have an introductory lesson when the teacher can give advice. Eventually you will need your own instrument because the only way to get better is to practice regularly.

4.Who are your Violin teachers? How do I know they are good?

One of the joys of living in New York City is that some of the greatest artists in the world live here. All of our teacher are professional musicians who at the minimum have a Bachelor in music and most have a masters from the best conservatories such as Julliard, Mannes, Manhattan School Of Music, New England Conservatory and Bard. Everyone who works in the administration at Teacher Tone are also highly trained musicians and teachers who know what it takes to be a great teacher (and student!).

5.How often should I take violin or viola lessons ?

It is best if you take lessons once per week. So that you have time in-between to practice. When lessons are less frequent that that, we find that too much time has passed between lessons so that they are not very productive.  We are however open to students either taking as many lessons or as few as they want as many other factors can influence this decision. There is no minimum or maximum required as long as you give your teacher 48 hours notice of a cancellation.

6.How long are violin or viola lessons?

We offer 60 Minute and 30 Minute long lessons. For young children, 30 minute lessons are preferred whereas for everyone else 60 minutes is best.

7.Where do lessons take place?

We have violin teachers who an teacher on the UWS, midtown and in Brooklyn as well as travel to your home in any borough.

8.Who much are Violin lessons?

Hour lessons are $65 for a single lesson, $60 in packages of 4 and $55 in packages of 10. Half-hour are $45 for a single and $40 in packages of 4.

Student Teacher Match Form

We like to think of Teacher Tone as the musical match makers of private lessons in New York City. We take great pride in evaluating our students to make sure we find the absolutely perfect student/teacher match. We want to pair you with the right teacher from the start, so that you can begin learning in a healthy environment right away!

There are 3 ways to get started:

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  1. Get matched for an introductory lesson right away by Registering for Lessons
  2. Have a question, shoot us an email for a speedy reply
  3. Give us a call and we'll call you back as soon as we are not teaching (646) 233-2258
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