Radiohead live at The Prudential Center

June 4th, 2012 · No Comments

What a concert!  All abord as I jump on the train leaving Penn Station at about 7:04pm Friday June 1st 2012.  Two stops ahead and I find myself in Newark, NJ.  It’s been quite some years since I’ve seen a concert to this magnitude.  The stadium was at first quite sparse through the Caribou set, but the minute Radiohead plays their first note is the minute the stadium is packed shoulder to shoulder.  Even the seats were numbered 1, 2, 3 and 4, yet if you look closely there are 8 people in that space.

It’s no wonder Radiohead has such a big and loyal fan base.  The first song answered that question for me as they riffed a bit on an ostinato pattern until Thom Yorke starts with a verse.  Lot’s of space between the phrases and a great way to ignite the fire.

The set continued at a perfect pace and by the end of the concert, 2 plus hours of Radiohead later, I was left wanting more!  There’s a first time for everything and sometimes you hope it’s the last.  This certainly is not one of those cases.  Radiohead has my loyal fanship and I’ll be joining them at the next NYC concert (granted I can get tickets!).
Thanks Radiohead!!!

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