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The piano is an all encompassing melodic, rhythmic and harmonic instrument. Not only is it chillingly beautiful as it glides through Beethoven’s “Moonlight Sonata”, but it also dances with driving stride bass lines popularized by Scott Joplin’s Ragtime hits. It is also the instrument of choice for some of our greatest songwriters like Paul Mccartney as he serenades “Hey Jude”, or Stevie Wonder and “Blowin’ in the Wind”, and of course Ray Charles as he weeps “Georgia”. The Piano is so entirely diverse that you will find it in the finest classical halls, the smokiest jazz clubs, the loudest rock venues as well as your grandma’s living room. And fortunately in our modern day and age there are plenty of compact electric keyboards for your New York apartment.

The piano has many other assets beyond performance. It is an excellent theory and compositional tool. For anyone interested in composing, songwriting, or understanding how music works and is put together, the piano is the best hands on tool. With the piano’s simple layout it’s very easy to see music theory in action. In no time you will be writing your own songs and compositions!

As there is a lot of diversity in piano styles Teacher Tone has hand selected some of the finest piano teachers in New York City. Whether you want to learn classical, jazz, pop, or rock, Teacher Tone has the appropriate match. Please take a moment and fill out the student teacher match form so that we can effectively match you with your perfect piano teacher.

Frequently Asked Questions:

1. What is the best age to start playing Piano?

One of the greatest aspect of the piano is that you can get started taking lessons as early as 4 or 5 years of age.

2. Am I too old to start playing Piano?

You are never too old!

3. Do I need to own a piano.

If your apartment has no room for a piano, or you don’t want to pay the movers, you can purchase an electronic keyboard. It’s essential that you have a practice tool. If you have access to a piano, but don’t own it, that is fine as long as you can have sufficient access to practice.

Student Teacher Match Form

We like to think of Teacher Tone as the musical match makers of private lessons. We take great pride in evaluating our students to make sure we find the absolutely perfect student/teacher match. Below you will find a series of questions that will help us to make the match. We want to pair you with the right teacher from the start, so that you can begin learning in a healthy environment right away!

There are 3 ways to get started:

Teacher Tone Teachers discussing tools of the trade
  1. Get matched for an introductory lesson right away by Registering for Lessons
  2. Have a question, shoot us an email for a speedy reply
  3. Give us a call and we'll call you back as soon as we are not teaching (646) 233-2258
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