Babies Benefit From Music Lessons Before Walking and Talking

May 29th, 2012 · No Comments

Being a new parent, it seems like there is an unlimited choice of classes for babies who can’t even walk or talk yet. From infant yoga to art, I can’t help but feel a bit silly paying $20 for  and hour to make my baby more flexible when she can already put both of her feet behind her head.  But everyone else is doing it, so if there are benefits, I don’t want to be the one who didn’t do it because “If it wasn’t around when I was a kid, then you don’t need it”.

Probably the area where there are the most class choice is in music. From Baby Einstein to Music for Aardvarks, Mommy and Me, Music Together etc….there is no lack of choice! Even as a professional musician and teacher I can’t help to wonder if the money will be better spent saving for college or some regular music lessons when the child is older.

After a couple sessions with my baby, I definitely saw something that I did not see while just playing music at home. I felt more connected to her and I feel like she truly had a fun time and was interested in rhythm. She was even trying to tap the beat and she is only 8 months old! So by intuition I felt this class was doing something good.

Just this month, McMaster University released a study that shows that these music classes have benefit to babies.

” “Babies who participated in the interactive music classes with their parents showed earlier sensitivity to the pitch structure in music,” says Trainor, one of the graduate student who conducted the study,.

“Babies from the interactive classes showed better early communication skills, like pointing at objects that are out of reach, or waving goodbye.  Socially, these babies also smiled more, were easier to soothe, and showed less distress when things were unfamiliar or didn’t go their way.” according to the University press release at

This is more than enough to make me feel comfortable in my decisions. Hopefully this will translate when she begins private instrument lesson with Teacher Tone in a few years. Now off to those baby Yoga lessons!



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