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Brooklyn Piano Lessons

Teacher Tone Piano Lessons in Brooklyn is a perfect place to find your creative outlet.  We offer some of the most unique and constructive piano lessons in all of the city.  We not only offer the traditional genres of classical and jazz, but we also have a very strong focus in the wonderful genre of rock n’ roll!  Our teachers are amazing both technically and creatively.  Be prepared to open up those musical ideas that are lingering during your hard day at work.  Bring new ideas to the band.  Need help with composing?  No problem, we have extremely talented composers at Teacher Tone.  And just for ease of mind, all of our teachers have a minimum of a bachelors degrees in music and many have their masters as well.  If this all sounds good, make your way to our Lessons & Matching page and we’ll have your matched teacher contact you very soon!

Lessons & Matching
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