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May 22nd, 2012 · No Comments

On May 11th we made a post on venues in New York City. We didn’t talk much about specific musicians but will review some of them over the next few weeks. My first addition to the list is Jim Campilongo and his trio with STEPHAN CRUMP on upright bass and TONY MASON drums. They play at the Living Room every Monday night at 10PM with a $8 cover charge as of 5/21/12.
The night began listing to a CD mix created by Jim featuring music of guitarist such as Jimmy Bryant, Jerry Byrd, Loyd Green, Chet Atkins amongst many others. This gave the audience a good intro to his sound which is seems to be heavily influenced by these kind of swing country artists as well as jazz guitarist like Van Eps and blues/rock guitarist like Jimmie Hendrix and Clapton.
The band started playing and the eyes and ears were immediately drawn to Jim’s guitar playing. He carries the air of confidence that only someone who deserves to have it can have. The first thing that stands out about Jim’s playing is that he uses no guitar pedals. He uses a healthy amount of reverb from his Fender Princeton amp and perhaps some tremolo. With only only the use of the volume, tone and pickup controls, he managed to get more variety of tones that many guitarists I have heard with 15 pedals on their board.
After a half hour of zoning in on Jim’s guitar work I was finally able to concentrate on what the other members were doing. I realized that I could have spent the whole show listening to bassist Stephan Crump who received hearty ovations after some of the most creative bass solos I have heard in a long time. Drummer Tony Mason is equally great; he can lays a solid beat down and can play funk and swing that makes you want to dance.
Actually, about midway through the set there were 10 people dancing, which is not normal for any NYC venue let alone the Living Room. Also a man and his friend sitting next to me who I believe was actor Jude Law were literally pulling their hair out in excitement.
Needless to say, any serious electric guitarist, drummer or bass player should see Jim and band play!

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