Teacher Tone Lessons

NYC Voice Lessons

The voice is the most personal instrument of all. It’s a passionate instrument that moves people from tears to laughter. Like the guitar and piano the voice is an extremely diverse instrument featured in opera, jazz, pop, rock and Broadway. Some great examples of vocalist who stir the emotions of listeners across the globe are Luciano Pavarotti, ella fitzgerald, Frank Sinatra and Freddie Mercury.

We all have the potential to use our voices as an instrument. Most of the time when people think they don’t have a good voice, or have been told this, it’s because they are singing from the neck up. The voice is a full body experience. Without the support of the diaphram it’s like pushing a door that says pull. Everyone can learn to sing and there is no age that is too young or too old!

NYC Guitar Lessons

Teacher Tone Music Lessons provide an outstanding source of the top NYC guitar teachers in Brooklyn, Queens and Manhattan. Whether you are a beginner who has never touched a guitar, a parent looking for a trusted guitar school, adults looking for new creative outlets, or seeking advanced skills for college auditions, Teacher Tone can be your school of choice.

At Teacher Tone you can have confidence in your teacher. All of our teachers have gone through a series of interviews, auditions and orientations. All our teachers have graduated with music degrees, masters and doctorates from Columbia, Princeton, Berkley, Oberlin Conservatory, the Boston Conservatory, etc. Our Teachers have studied with some of the worlds greatest guitar players such as Bill Frisell, Jim Hall, John Patitucci, John Abercrombie, Leo Brouwer, and have worked with artist such as Bob Dylan, Paul Simon and Tom Waits!

NYC Piano Lessons

The piano is an all encompassing melodic, rhythmic and harmonic instrument. Not only is it chillingly beautiful as it glides through Beethoven’s “Moonlight Sonata”, but it also dances with driving stride bass lines popularized by Scott Joplin’s Ragtime hits. It is also the instrument of choice for some of our greatest songwriters like Paul Mccartney as he serenades “Hey Jude”, or Stevie Wonder and “Blowin’ in the Wind”, and of course Ray Charles as he weeps “Georgia”. The Piano is so entirely diverse that you will find it in the finest classical halls, the smokiest jazz clubs, the loudest rock venues as well as your grandma’s living room. And fortunately in our modern day and age there are plenty of compact electric keyboards for your New York apartment.

The piano has many other assets beyond performance. It is an excellent theory and compositional tool. For anyone interested in composing, songwriting, or understanding how music works and is put together, the piano is the best hands on tool. With the piano’s simple layout it’s very easy to see music theory in action. In no time you will be writing your own songs and compositions!

As there is a lot of diversity in piano styles Teacher Tone has hand selected some of the finest piano teachers in New York City. Whether you want to learn classical, jazz, pop, or rock, Teacher Tone has the appropriate match. Please take a moment and fill out the student teacher match form so that we can effectively match you with your perfect piano teacher.