M. Ward at Webster Hall – Concert Review

May 14th, 2012 · No Comments

The night started at Webster Hall Studio walking into a basement from the 80’s.  The band was rocking out with a bit of glam and a lot of new wave.
A few songs were enough to fill the pallet.  When I entered Webster Hall, the feel was much different, not to mention little room to breath.  But that’s all the best for M. Ward and his success’s.

Coming into the show after a bit of an obsession with “Hold Time”, I was very interested in the sonic landscape of the evening.  M. Ward has such a specific sound on record and I was ever so curious to see and hear how this would be pulled off live.  Well, it wasn’t much of a deal at all.  Plug a guitar in and sing.  That worked for some of the songs and the others, with a full band backing him, were equally as simple and good.

There was veterans and youth up on stage and it was so nice to see the glowing mixture.  Who is this guy M. Ward?  I can barely see him as his guitar tech hands him his 10th guitar of the evening.  The little man puts out a big sound!  His voice sounds like he’s been smoking since he came out of the womb.  And I mean that with no disrespect.  It’s purely unique and engaging and it feels as if he puts every last bit of his energy into each note.  Everything feels with passion and grace.

Midway through the set, M Ward is playing solo guitar, and what a delight that was!  A nice flavor full open tuning and some excellent right hand technique, mixed with the compositional strengths of M. Ward was super sweet!  We were all captivated.  This element of sounding amazing with or without a band gives this one of a kind songwriter the strength to woo over his audience.  We are all his friend.  He doesn’t speak much, but he says a lot!

The end of the show closed with a few guest artists and two encours and then a departure.

Thank you M Ward for your wonderful songs!

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