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NYC Drum Lessons

A good drummer is often the most highly sought after musicians in a band.  And what’s even more shocking is that they are not easy to find!  Drum lessons in NYC is not only a great investment to your future as a musician, but it’s an instrument that is physically and mentally fulfilling.  It’s that great balance between mind and body that makes the drums such a unique instrument.  After all, it’s one of the few instruments where you use all four limbs to play!  If your dream is to become a professional musician, taking drum lessons in NYC by Teacher Tone is your ticket to a secure future!  And if you dream to have fun making music with friends, it doesn’t get much more fun than being the drummer!

One can’t go wrong with taking drum lessons in NYC by Teacher Tone.  We have the most talented drum teachers in New York and their drum lesson plans are both unique and fun as well as challenging.  Drum lessons are a great way to put your stressful day behind you.  And parents concerned about noise, there are so many options on the market (like pads and midi drums) to make drum lessons in New York City a reality!

There are 3 ways to get started:

Teacher Tone Teachers discussing tools of the trade
  1. Get matched for an introductory lesson right away by Registering for Lessons
  2. Have a question, shoot us an email for a speedy reply
  3. Give us a call and we'll call you back as soon as we are not teaching (646) 233-2258
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