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Classical Guitar Lessons

The Classical Guitar – Style and Construction:

The classical guitar is quite unlike its two more popular siblings, the electric guitar and the steel string guitar (commonly called an acoustic guitar); the body shape is different and the neck is thicker. But most importantly, the high sounding strings are made out of nylon and the lower strings a mix of nylon and metal. This gives the guitar a different sound and feel than other guitars.
The style of playing the classical guitar is different; it is played with the fingers instead of a pick (plectrum) and also the player sits down with the guitar on the left leg (if right handed) with the left foot elevated.
Most importantly, the style of music is written out in standard music notation with all the notes and rhythms shown. Common composers played on the classical guitar are Bach, Sor, Villa Lobos and Albeniz

Classical Guitar vs Popular Guitar Lessons:

The classical guitar holds a strange place in the world of the guitar. Even though the guitar is one of the most popular instruments on the planet, a small percentage of those who play it are trained in classical.   Many students and parents that come to us ask if a beginner guitarist should start on a classical guitar to build a solid foundation. This is a complicated question but here are some points to think about; because of the nylon strings, the classical guitar is easier to push down so is a good guitar for beginners and young students. However, the style is different enough that if you really want to learn popular styles of guitar, there is no need to learn classical guitar first. Also, your child will be more excited to play if they learn music that they have heard before such as Beatles and other popular music.

Our Classical Guitar Teachers in NYC:

Teacher Tone classical guitar teachers all have degrees in classical guitar from some of the best schools around. We have classical guitar teachers in Manhattan, Brooklyn, Queens, Staten Island and the Bronx. Set up an introductory lesson on our Lessons and Matching Page to begin.

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