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Jazz Guitar Lessons

About Jazz Guitar:

Jazz has been called the American Classical Music. With a history spanning over 100 years, it is hard to define. Music critic Joachim Berendt defines it as a “form of art music which originated in the United States through the confrontation of blacks with European music”.

There are two main branches of Jazz guitar, one stemming from the electric guitar of Charlie Christian, and the other from the acoustic guitar of Django Reinhardt. If you are just starting to learn Jazz guitar, it is a good idea to listen to these two players and all of the many great guitarist that followed as Jazz is very much an oral tradition.

Jazz Guitar Lessons:

Learning the Jazz guitar is not that much different than learning other styles of guitar in the begnning. You will first learn how to use a pick and the basic chords. After this point, you will start to learn things that are more specific to Jazz. Jazz songs tent to have more chords than a pop song. Also Jazz chords usually have 4 or more notes in them whereas pop chords usually only have 3 notes (this is where you get things called 7th and 9th chords). The rhythm of jazz is also is what is called swing; this means for example music that is written in 4/4 is played closer to 12/8.

Learning to improvise in Jazz comes with a mixture of practicing scales, jazz lick and playing pre-existing solos. If you do not follow all this, after a few lessons with our Jazz guitar teachers, you will know all this in no time.

Our NYC Jazz Guitar Teachers:

We have Jazz guitar teachers who are regular performers at the best Jazz clubs in the city such as The Blue Note and the Village Vanguard. We can help guitarists who have never played, as well as advanced guitarist looking to persue specific styles such as  Fusion, Bebop, Funk, Modal or Swing. We have teachers who are intimate in the styles of Wes Montgomery, Pat Matheney, Bill Frisell, Howard Alden and other great players.

How To Begin Jazz Guitar Lessons in NYC:

To start lessons, we need to know your playing history and experience as well as your availability and location. Set up an introductory lesson on our Lessons and Matching Page to begin.

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