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Rock guitar is one of the most popular genres at Teacher Tone guitar lessons in NYC. As guitar is the corner stone of rock n’ roll, we strive and have succeeded to have the best Rock Guitar lessons in NYC. Teacher Tone started with it’s foundation in rock guitar and expanded to many other genres and to many other instruments. To this day, rock guitar lessons in NYC are the most highly sought lessons by Teacher Tone students.

Signing up for Rock Guitar lessons in Brooklyn, Queens and Manhattan

Rock simply lends itself to the guitar and has inspired many of us to pick up the guitar in the first place. Some of us will take this far beyond playing our favorite songs. Teacher Tone offers the most talented teachers for rock guitar in Brooklyn, Queens and Manhattan. We offer some of the most affordable rates and packages of lessons and take away all the hassle of looking for a new teacher. After all, we have spent countless time searching, interviewing, and auditioning for the best rock guitar teachers in Brooklyn, Queens and Manhattan! To begin Blues Lessons in Brooklyn, Queens, or Manhattan, please proceed to our Lessons & Matching page so we can match you with the best teacher!

Let’s just have a quick glance at the history of Rock n’ Roll and see just how and why it became so popular. In the 1950?s Rock n’ Roll found it’s name. Throughout the decades many of it’s sub genres had emerged including New Wave, Punk, Folk Rock, Glam Rock, Grunge, Heavy Metal and many more! From Elvis, to the Beatles, to Led Zeppelin, to Jimi Hendrix, to Bob Dylan, to ELO, to David Bowie to the Ramones, to The Talking Heads, to Metallica, to The Cure, to Nirvana, to Arcade Fire, we find that Rock n’ Roll is as varied and wide of a genre that one could imagine. But there is one thing that seems to connect rock n’ roll from the 50?s to the current, and that is the guitar! From screaming leads of Metallica, to the singing leads of Jimi Hendrix, to beautiful fingerpicked acoustics of Jimmie Page what is there not to like about Rock n’ Roll. With it being so varied there is something in it for everyone!

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