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Ukulele In NYC

With events like the NYC Uke Fest and the NYC Uke Meetup the Ukulele or Uke, has exploded in popularity in New York City in the last few years.  Our Ukulele teachers here at Teacher Tone have been going to Uke meetups where only 2 or 3 people would show. Now there are Uke meet ups in almost every borough in they city. This is a great way to meet people as well as get your chops up.

Teacher Tone Ukulele Teachers

In addition to playing with other people, it is important to develop correct ukulele technique; private ukulele lessons are the best way to accomplish this. With Teacher Tone Uke teachers, you will learn how to play your uke with as little tension as possible as well as strumming, fingerpicking, flatpicking, tab reading, note reading, chords, scales, soloing, improvising, pop, Hawaiian and jazz songs.

About The Uke

The Ukulele originates from a guitar-like instrument brought to Hawaii in the 19th century. It burst in popularity throughout the 20th century with artist from Tin Pan Alley to Elvis. Recently it has surged in popularity withIsrael Kamakawiwo’ole‘s medley of Over The Rainbow and What a Wonderful World. There are many different kinds of Ukuleles; most have four strings but there are Ukes with up to 8 strings. The four most common sizes are Soprano, Concert, Tenor and Baritone. The Soprano is the considered the standard Uke and is also the smallest. All 4 versions are usually tuned the same except for the low string on the Baritone is tunes an octave below the other versions. We recommend students with no experience to start on a Soprano or a concert version.

Find The Perfect Ukulele Teacher in NYC

Teacher Tone has engaging and experienced Ukulele teachers in Manhattan, Brooklyn and Queens. To be connected with one of our teachers, please fill out the Lessons and Matching page.

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