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Queens Piano Lessons

About Us:
Teacher Tone is a collective of professional musicians in the New York City who came together in 2006 because of the love of teaching music. As we developed, we realized that it is difficult for students and/or parents to know how to find a good teacher with little knowledge about them.  We therefore developed the Match Test so that you can use our years of experience to match you with a great teacher.

Piano Lessons in Queens:
Whether you are looking for piano lessons in Astoria, Sunnyside, Long Island City, Forest Hills, Flushing or Elmhurst, we have conservatory trained and experienced piano teachers that can come to your home or office; you can also go to the teachers’ personal studio. The price is the same for both and we even offer a thirty minute trial lesson which you only pay for if you want to continue lessons.

Who We Teach:
We have teachers that specialize in teaching kids and adults in subjects ranging form songwriting, jazz, classical and pop. To be connected to a great teacher and take an introductory 30 minute lesson fill out the Lessons & Matching test.